Mayte Alquicira - Getting to know the artist

Have you ever seen the Mexican sky? It seems so close to you and your imagination lets you touch it. Mayte Alquicira excites your imagination too and teases you with bright colors within her energy-generating, dynamic paintings.
Inspired by the artists such as de Kooning, Pollock, Newman and Rothko,
Mayte Alquicira a mexican self-taught artist has founded Alquicira Fine Art project aimed to offer new contemporary art ideas with the main objective of making art ACCESSIBLE to all. Now living in Italy she is in the continuous search of new inspiration sources and exploring diverse techniques to discover and make us follow her ‘art voice’.
Follow Alquicira Fine Art entrepreneurial project which we see as a pure way of liberating improvisation through the ocean of color!

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How to transform the Venetian Palazzo space

To meet the artist in Venice. It is a strange experience to suddenly see the artist in reality and being a part of the creation process, this is somewhat meaningful.
The preparation, the setup, seeing an exhibition grow is awesome. Each action you take equals one step closer to a real, visible result. It is great to DO and being a part of the creation. To notice how the space is changing and even the sound in the space is changing. Normally we sit for hours behind the computer doing hands-on work. But the act, transforming the Venetian Palazzo space into a contemporary art installation is a different horizon of experience. Happy to have helped with one of the most significant art installations during Biennale 2017.

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Personal Structures - Carole A. Feuerman

For those who are genuinely convinced that reality is boring RS introduces a fantastically talented sculptor Carole Feuerman whose women not only perfectly simulate real world emotions but also cause car accidents in New York. And even if you think that they are too flawless and their perfect bodies look like an apple skin covered in wax then you just need to buy a ticket either to New York or to Venice to discover liveliness of their wrinkles, ridges, freckles and rebellious curls. Feuerman’s ladies are even owned by Mikhail Gorbachev.


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We are growing!!

Thanks to our partners A Bridge for Life we are extending our boundaries to Middle East and creating more opportunities for our outstanding artists to showcase their artworks abroad!

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Can ART be SMART? This is the first question that comes up when you enter Art Goes Logomo Gallery in Turku. 20 Finish and international artists have personated into alchemists of contemporary art. They have composed a melody consisted of fine and new media artistic motifs to carry you away with a symphony of vital issues that will accompany your contemplation till the final chord. A talented sound artist Roberto Pugliese directs an orchestra of paintings, sculptures, photography, video art and installations.

So can art be smart? Yes, with 5 beats of mind.
«One of the really fascinating things about music is that technically- in a very literal way- it doesn’t exist. A painting, a sculpture or a photograph can physically exist, while music is just air hitting the eardrum in a slightly different way than it would randomly» Moby

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We have never stopped building Utopia - Valery Koshlyakov

Day by day we discover the art exhibitions in Venice and today we take off hat to our fellow Valery Koshlyakov who is back to Venice 14 years later, after he has been a part of the 50th Biennale.

Utopia followed by inevitable fall of splendor is cleverly presented within the walls of Ca’ Foscari Exposition Palace which is beginning to crumble away with age. You take stone stairs with visible cracks to watch the grandiose paintings and fragile sculptures exhibited. Looking at the painting, noticing the details, you recognize the monuments of great civilizations but they are blurred, like a miracle or a daydream. Was it Kremlin? St Peter’s Cathedral in the center of the gigantic composition?


Koshlyakov flavours his works with the social classicism details and he doesn’t make too much of rich material. Even though we are in magnificent Venice the artist prefers cardboard to canvas, joining the pieces with scotch that makes the artwork huge but fragile.

Standing at one of the small venetian bridges you can catch yourself thinking of a city with a deep history behind, one generation has died out during the plague for new generation to come, imagine if the underworld of Venice might cherish the memories of it, the priceless heritage and the alluring beauty of Venice attracts the whole world, it seems unstoppable, eternal and powerful but the city is slowly disappearing in water and its backbones can become a ghost-city just in several decades. It seems fragile as well.

Valery Koshlyakov is considered one of the most important contemporary russian artists, he has been and is exhibited in Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum and Museum of Russian Impressionism.

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Unforgettable Jan Fabre

Even though contemporary art can offer us a hell of new techniques and forms we still can’t take our eyes from the paintings of old masters. Their masterpieces are awash with nostalgic memories stored in each brush stroke, layer of paint and shadow of color. Their emotional intensity and sincerity hypnotize and inspire. Many of the old masters mixed blood into their paint, crushed human bones to make white paint and made enormous efforts to get a sky blue color. Many of them painted instinctively. Natural emotions just can’t be imitated by synthetics, technology and new media as only strong feelings can provoke this magical and sometimes even demonic magnetism that captures our hearts today.








Jan Fabre has explored this phenomenon even further. The Flemish artist who would paint with his own blood in 80s presents his experiment with raw materials here in Venice. The strong and fragile at the same time, bone and glass, will constitute a new body of art. Don’t miss JAN FABRE. GLASS AND BONE SCULPTURES 1977–2017. Collateral event of the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Abbazia di San Gregorio in Venice.

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