45 Winners

80,408 images. 5,034 photographers. 126 different countries.

45 photographers – winners and brave ‘has-beens’.

RS Art Advisory visited the 60th World Press Photo Contest in Rome. An emotional and pushing for debate insight of what has been shaking the world during the last 5 years and how it influences the present society. How people survive and how nature struggles. The exhibition makes you first think of what is over-the-horizon and even beyond common sense. You will not admire bright colors or the cute creatures of our planet. You will face diverse feelings and discover the reality which certain people create and other people struggle. On the other hand, the photographers introduce to us some undiscovered corners of our world and the way people have their moment and enjoy simple things. Amazing.

Worthwhile to experience the admirable journalistic aspect at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome – a saying much exhibition which is itself a cross-section of the present day society.


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