About us

Radmila Sarkisian and Svetlana Eroshina are founders of RS Art Advisory and independent art curators, received MA in Moscow, Russia and have been in the art world since 2010. Have worked at several galleries in LA and art publications in the US and Russia. Since 2013 have been a part of curatorial teams of the international art projects in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Moscow and Tbilisi. In the meantime based in Venice developing in parallel 3 exhibitions in 3 different corners of the world. For more than five years, have worked with clients worldwide to build and develop contemporary art collections.

Radmila: “My field of expertise is Romanesque Gothic Medieval art and Renaissance. I’m also passionate about Baroque which reflects one of the most dramatic periods in the world’s history. I’m genuinely convinced that there’s no future without knowledge of the past”.
Svetlana: “I specialize in Modern, Post-War and Conceptual art. Having studied and followed its complicated way of development through the past two centuries and its significant influence on social segment I’ve taken deep interest in the art scene of the 21st Century as a mirror of the present-day society.”