Palenqueros drums on 57th Biennale in Venice

Dear friends, in anticipation of 57th Biennale di Venezia we’re happy to introduce the most interesting participants and their unique stories. We’ll start with Marcos ÁVILA FORERO, who was born in Paris in 1983 but has never forgotten his Colombian roots which make his art true and impressive. Explorer and adventurer, he traveled the world to embrace cultural differences and go deep into migration motives. His amazing journeys resulted into Palenqueros exhibition. It displays a set of beautiful traditional Palenqueros drums made by French artisans in Dordogne region. The Palenqueros were the escaped slaves that settled in South America and Dordogne was the center of black slave trade in France in the 18th century. The Palenqueros were originally Bantu, African people, who are today one of the largest groups seeking to immigrate to Europe. These symbolic cartographic drums beat out the rhythm of historical evidence which proves that the immigration process and cultural interfusion have turned full circle.
We’re excited to see a show of the artist in Venice very soon.

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