Damien Hirst during Biennale

Art can make us lost in admiration or shudder in disgust, can rise us in excitement or make us feel relieved but Damien Hirst’s art exhibition in Venice made us quite puzzled. Of course the word “colossal” rises up in one’s mind when entering the exhibition, association with “masterpiece” might be predicted, but suddenly the word “fun” jumps in thoughts. The craftsmanship of many objects doesn’t let us stay indifferent, some of them worth to be exhibited in such amazing places as Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. Though it’s better not to read in their description that they “have possibly been owned by…” or “might have belonged to…”.

The size of the exhibition and scale of materials and techniques used to create such an underwater world are genuinely amazing, the idea of displaying cleverly the art objects made us curious till the end of the exhibition. At the same time the absence of a deep idea behind requires explaining the reason of exhibiting stylized ancient artefacts, mythical heroes and nowadays avatars.

Subverting the tradition of classical museum exposition of archeological remains, Hirst plays with a visitor’s fantasy shaping a nonexistent story leaving an impression that both venues are pavilions of an extremely expensive joke.

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  1. Seen loads of your videos. Thank you for not complicating things. Been using compost tea in my garden, works wonders. I like your way of growing tomatoes by clipping the top of. Cheers mate, keep up the unitaplccmoed gardening videos!

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