Dolce Vita - Paparazzi treasures

La Dolce Vita..The 1950s and ’60s, Rome was the global epicentre of the film industry. A cosier relationship existed back then, with trusted photographers given the most intimate access to celebrities at play. Marcello Geppetti beyond any tiny shade of a doubt was the king of paparazzi of that time. Two of his shots were considered among the thirty most famous photos. The photos of Audrey Hepburn in a bakery, Brigitte Bardot’s nude and the kiss between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton both married to others at the time were published on Time Magazine, Life and Vogue.
He was a member of a group of photographers that inspired Federico Fellini to create the character of a news photographer named Paparazzo in the film “La Dolce Vita” in 1960. If Rome was the golden age of the paparazzi, then that age is dead. We are further down the road of decay and, in this post-post-modern world, those first intrusive photos are now artefacts of high art.

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  1. Nat. no popatrz, chcialam Ci odpisac "przeciez nie moge o wszytkich przepisac napisac na raz" :)) A teraz zapraaszam na dzisiejszy wpis… Pozdrawiam rownie senezcdrie!Czyprak Antoni, och Tosku, Tosku – mowisz masz 😀 Zgadlbys? Dzisiaj dla Ciebie wersja wysoko-voltowa. Usciski 🙂

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