Let’s go to Cosmos and ride the stars

Dear Friends, we know how much you adore Star Wars, Alien and War of the Worlds. Let’s play George Orwell and navigate our spaceship back in future…
USSR, Moscow, Arbat street
A young artist Gosha Ostretsov rebels against the herd instinct and collectivity behavior imposed by the communist ideology. Befriended by the hippies and non-conformists he leads a street art movement which is known for its oppositional context. Inspired by Egyptian frescoes and Russian icon-painting his alien to the Soviet system style has developed into the political dialogue symbolically transmitted by comics and costume-art performance.
Italy. Venice. Palazzo Nani Bernardo.
A splendid baroque palace hosts a cosmic exposition of a top-ranked Russian artist, Gosha Ostretsov, whose artworks can be found in Charles Saatchi and Roman Abramovich’s collections. Here in Venice Gosha leads an army of supernatural artifacts that breaks forward and attacks statuesque baroque solemnity. They will invade the whole art space and mount a giant obelisk as a symbol of a new science that will reign from now on…Science Fiction 🚀🛰⚗️

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  1. I sincerely hope you expressed your distaste of the movie to the class. Sometimes students get the imseprsion that English teachers love all books or all movies based on novels are supposed to be good. It’s kind of reassuring to have a mentor who pans something.

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