Mayte Alquicira - Getting to know the artist

Have you ever seen the Mexican sky? It seems so close to you and your imagination lets you touch it. Mayte Alquicira excites your imagination too and teases you with bright colors within her energy-generating, dynamic paintings.
Inspired by the artists such as de Kooning, Pollock, Newman and Rothko,
Mayte Alquicira a mexican self-taught artist has founded Alquicira Fine Art project aimed to offer new contemporary art ideas with the main objective of making art ACCESSIBLE to all. Now living in Italy she is in the continuous search of new inspiration sources and exploring diverse techniques to discover and make us follow her ‘art voice’.
Follow Alquicira Fine Art entrepreneurial project which we see as a pure way of liberating improvisation through the ocean of color!

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Dreaming of Joseph Klibansky in Venice

How much we adore a tradition of sending postcards! It’s such an intimate and exciting experience of choosing the best image of your feelings and memories of a particular place. Azure Venice, champagne beige Paris or peach colored Rome… what is the color of your favorite city? Our gaze is apparently influenced by our phones, tv and computer screens. But perception is much more than just a quick look. It’s a relationship between the self and the city, its people, smell, atmosphere. If the melody of your mood is perfectly in tune with the city’s vibes you will definitely become a part of its symphony. A progressive Amsterdam-based artist Joseph Klibansky has been exploring this contradiction between essence and perception by creating universal postcard cities which could be sent from any location. A marshmallow prototype of a dream is what we normally share with our dearest for a quick look or a deep dive into blue sky thinking 💭 Don’t miss Joseph’s exhibition in Venice at Palazzo Lezze in Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco

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