You're one in a mirror

“Stay! Let me at least gaze upon you, if I may not touch you.” Narcissus disturbes his own image.
Now look in the mirror – would you chase your reflection? How far can you go?
Leave behind the routine and trust your instinct, one step and you are immersing into the art world created by Aaron Nachtailer. This hidden gem is an artspace where you freely unfollow your daily life for a couple of golden minutes in the center of Venice.
You start a solo-journey alienating from the overcrowded city in the shadow of enamoured myth – you escape to discover, to think, to catch your inner voice. But watch your step – you are in the land of Echo, she waits with the impatience to guide you. She turns on the light in the hidden room, she blesses you with 2 minutes of silence in the aura of piece, pacification, imagination .. Don’t be afraid to face your thoughts, your emotional expression, your inner-self. Lights off! We know that Echo is only a myth. Welcome back to the reality.
Footstep beyond .. perhaps, you wish to gaze longer at the infinite series of your reflections?
Encontremonos – a piece of contemporary art world at Palazzo Marcello, Venice – come to disconnect from reality 13/05-25/08/2017
“This is one of the best we’ve seen during Biennale” – italian collectors, 83 and 88 y.o.


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